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1/25 "Generic" Watson Roadster Conversion resin kits for MPC/AMT Watson plastic kits

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For many years I've been asked by customer's to make a "Generic" Watson Conversion kit for the AMT or MPC Old Calhoun Watson Roadster plastic kit. We all realize there is no such thing as a "Generic Watson"..... there was many different versions of the "Watson" Roadster ....but for the ones that want a very affordable and easy way to build a "regular/generic" Watson roadster, here is your chance!

Comes with.....

-Generic Front Nose
-Generic Hood
-Oil Tank
-Vac-U-Form Windscreen

Indycals has many decal choices for "Generic Watsons"

You can buy 1/25 AMT/MPC Watson Roadsters on eBay

Sanding and cleaning required with possible filling for resin.