Converting the 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 into 1981 Coca-Cola Porsche K3 Daytona 24 ver

Converting the 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 into 1981 Coca-Cola Porsche K3 Daytona 24 ver

This blog post reviews and shows how to properly convert the 1/24 scale NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit into the 1981 Coca-Cola Akin Racing Porsche 935 K3 Daytona 24 hour version. The NuNu kit came out December 2019 as the 1979 #41 Kremer Porsche 935 K3 -24 hours of Le-Mans race winner, this was very exciting news to me as a model builder and businessman because there’s endless possibilities of K3’s that can be created from this NuNu kit. I have many conversion kits planed for this K3 kit. This blog will show how to accurately convert this kit into the 1981 Coke K3.

The Akin Racing Porsche 935 K3 chassis 009 00016 first raced in 1980 by the Akin team with moderate success entering into the 1981 Daytona 24 hrs. Bob Akin co-drove with Derek Bell and Craig Siebert to take second place in the overall standings. The race was not without its dramas. During the night Bell hit oil during the night and spun, damaging the suspension. The same driving trio would go onto finish second again in the 1982 Daytona 24.

You can buy this conversion kit HERE

The kit needed

You can buy the donor kit off ebay, using my ebay affiliate link HERE

You can buy the 1/24 NuNu Porsche K3 HERE on ebay

The Decal sheet

The decal sheet can be purchased from Indycals HERE

You can purchase this decal sheet from Indycals HERE

Converting the NuNu kit

Converting the NuNu Porsche 935 K3 into the 1981 Coke k3 will require some modifications to the rear of the car so the lower tail end of the fenders can fit properly

Carefully study these pictures, top and bottom. Everything in red needs to be removed

First step is to grind everything off highlighted in red. This will require the correct grinding bit for the Dremel

I recommend using these milling bits for the Dremel found here on Amazon. Ive had good success with this style of milling bit.


Be sure to fill and clean your resin fenders. I don not use mold release in my molds but the resin still can pick up some oil contamination from the silicone rubber mold. Soaking in tire bleach or spray and rinse down with oven clean works well. Also when sanding the surface of the resin its recommended to use Dawn dish washing soap as that helps get any possible grease off

Superglue the fenders onto the body. This might take some adjusting and test fitting. Dont be afraid to do some more cutting and sanding to get the fenders to fit properly.

Use Apoxie Sculpt to fill in the back bumpers as on the Akin car didn’t have any, just a flat rear bumper, as seen in the picture below.

Sand down the Apoxie Sculpt with a file.

Use and fine grit file to smooth out the bumper.

Use Tamiya Grey Primer to find any imperfections that might be on the body. That is the main reason for applying primer is to help find any problem areas and to give the color coats a nice base to adhere to.

After apply coats of grey primer, I prefer to give the body a couple coast of Tamiya White primer. When using Tamiya spray paints, its important to use a white base, because Tamiya spray paints are very thin and translucent. After the white Primer is cured, Apply Tamiya TS-8 Italian red.

Use Walters Solvaset for applying the Indycals decals. Which can be purchased HERE.

After applying the decals I would HIGHLY recommend clear coating over the decals. Testors Lacquer Clear coat is a good safe clear coat, Tamiya TS-13 also works but and be a little ‘Hot” so be careful.

After all those steps its just a matter of following the kit instructions until the end.

The Final product.

This was an enjoyable build. The NuNu kit was very straight forward and built very well. Thank you to Indycals for working with me to make this 1981 Coke K3 possible.

You can buy this conversion kit HERE

You can buy this conversion kit HERE


You can buy this conversion kit HERE

You can buy this conversion kit HERE

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