Building a 1/24 1980 Apple “iCar” Porsche 935 K3 Le-Mans version

Building a 1/24 1980 Apple “iCar” Porsche 935 K3 Le-Mans version

This blog post reviews and shows how to properly convert the 1/24 scale NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit into the 1980 Dick Barbour Racing Apple Computers Porsche 935 K3/80. The NuNu kit came out December 2019 as the 1979 #41 Kremer Porsche 935 K3 -24 hours of Le-Mans race winner, this was very exciting news to me as a model builder and businessman because there’s endless possibilities of K3’s that can be created from this NuNu kit. I have many conversion kits planed for this K3 kit. The Apple car is my first, I just came out with a fender converts for the Dick Barbour Team car of #70 Sachs K3, and also now available is the 1980 #2 Jagermeister conversion kit with the aggressive bodywork of the Kremer team which can be purchased HERE

The resin conversion fender kit

These fenders depict the ones used on the 1980 Dick Barbour #71 Apple Computers Porsche 935 K3 at Riverside and Le-Mans chassis number: 009 00030

You can buy Apple car fenders HERE at my store


The Indycals decals are guaranteed to fit. Here is a list of reasons why the Indycals Apple Decals are the best choice for building your NuNu Porsche 935 K3:

  • Accurately test fitted to the NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit with Classic Racing Resins Apple iCar Le-Mans version resin fenders.
  • The Indycals has the correct sequence of colors on the hood stripes for the Le-Mans version with the blue stripe on top and Green on the bottom. The IMSA version of the Apple car had the reverse order with Green on Top and Blue on the bottom.
  • The correct size and font with the “Apple Computers” letters on the side skirts.
1980 Le-Mans Apple Porsche 935 K3 Indycals can be purchased HERE
1980 IMSA Riverside Apple Porsche 935 K3 Indycals can be purchased HERE

If you are building the IMSA Riverside version of the Apple car, check out this great website with lots of amazing pictures of the car. HERE

Building the NuNu kit

I recommend leaving the rear fender spruces on until you are done gluing on the entire fender assembly as not doing this will make your fit very complicated as the entire rear section will bend around without the spruce holding into place. But it is nice that the kit manufacture put such big heavy duty spruces holding up the roof and all the fragile parts in place because there has been so many car models get slightly bent or crushed because of not the proper reinforcements.

Before test fitting grind the edge of this spruce down with a Dremel. The fender wont fit unless you grind it down enough for it to fit. Clean and de-bur all the edges on the fender/engine cover area. The fit is very tight with all these parts and test fitting will be VERY important.

Be sure to fill and clean your resin fenders. I don not use mold release in my molds but the resin still can pick up some oil contamination from the silicone rubber mold. Soaking in tire bleach or spray and rinse down with oven clean works well. Also when sanding the surface of the resin its recommended to use Dawn dish washing soap as that helps get any possible grease off

Use Tamiya Grey Primer to find any imperfections that might be on the body. That is the main reason for applying primer is to help find any problem areas and to give the color coats a nice base to adhere to.

After apply coats of grey primer, I prefer to give the body a couple coast of Tamiya White primer. When using Tamiya spray paints, its important to use a white base, because Tamiya spray paints are very thin and translucent. After the white Primer is cured, Apply Tamiya TS-26 Pure White.

Use Walters Solvaset for applying the Indycals decals. Which can be purchased HERE

After applying the decals I would HIGHLY recommend clear coating over the decals. Testors Lacquer Clear coat is a good safe clear coat, Tamiya TS-13 also works but and be a little ‘Hot” so be careful.

After all those steps its just a matter of following the kit instructions until the end.

The Final product.

This was an enjoyable build. The NuNu kit was very straight forward and built very well. Thank you to Indycals for working with me to make this Apple K3 possible.

1980 Apple Computers Resin fenders available HERE
1980 Apple Computers Resin fenders available HERE
1980 Apple Computers Resin fenders available HERE

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