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1987 Al Unser Sr. Cummins March 86c Upgrade Resin kit for AMT Indycar CART plastic kits

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The Kit:
As Indy car modelers we are fortunate that AMT released a 1/25 scale March 86C kit in the form of Al Unser's 1987 winning car. The kit, however, leaves a lot to be desired. There is only a top-half of the tub (which is incorrect) no radiator detail, incorrect rear suspension, and part of the undertray is missing.  This kit provides the parts to correct the flaws in the AMT kit such as:

 -Correct tub
-the missing part of the undertray
-Oil cooler
-new 3d Printed exhaust parts
-new turbocharger plenum
-new turbocharger
-new 3d Printed upper rear suspension
-new 3d Printed rear shocks

Decals available at Indycals

 Useful Information:
Check out my comprehensive step-by-step blog instructions on this kit HERE

Built model NOT for sale, this is for example ONLY to show how the conversion kit looks like on an 1/25 AMT Cummins March 86c kit
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