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1950s Wheels and Tires 1/24 scale replacement wheels and tires for the Monogram Roadster kit

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Accurate tires for the Monogram Kurtis Roadster Kit. Designed to true 1/24 scale dimensions. One set includes eight resin pieces; four tires, four wheels and four compression plates. Wheels are reversible to display either a spoked/convex side (pictured) or plain concave side as used on some cars of the era. Asymmetrical tire treads as was common. Front tire has two treads, rear tire has three. All tires have full raised lettering and decals are included that match the raised lettering. Tires can be displayed without painting, but for best results we recommend painting them with Dupli-Color Universal Flat black - available at Auto Parts stores. It has the perfect color and sheen of real tire rubber.