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1/25 1964 Foyt Sheraton Thompson Watson Upgrade Indy resin kit indycar roadster

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Resin kit:

Accurate 1/25th scale conversion resin nose, Black Resin 1964 tires and Vac-U-Form windscreen for the MPC/AMT Watson Roadster kit "Old Calhoun"
This kit converts the 1/25 1963 Watson kit into a 1964 Sheraton Thompson spl. AJ Foyt winner! Along with the cool looking wide 1964 black resin Tires and replaces and unusually thick kit windscreen.


Decals can be purchased separately from Indycals HERE
You can buy the decal sheet, HERE. Decal sheet will be fulfilled by Indycals and will be shipped separately by Indycals


Where to find a donor kit for this resin kit?

In order to find a 1/25 Watson roadster to build this 1946 Foyt Watson, you need to find on of the following on ebay.

MPC Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame set

AMT Parnelli Jones Watson Roadster

AMT "Indy 500" Combo

AMT International Indy Roadster Team Grand Sport 500


This kit will require clean up - sanding, washing, filling.

Built model NOT for sale, this is for example ONLY to show how the conversion kit looks like on a, 1/25 AMT or MPC Watson Roadster kit

You can buy a 1/25 AMT or MPC Watson Roadster kit off ebay HERE Using my affiliate link to buy the 1/25 AMT or MPC Watson Roadster kit off ebay will give me a fee from ebay. This doesn't cost you any more but I will make a little bit from ebay for referring you to their website, you don't have to use my affiliate links but doing so is greatly appreciated and helps my business and website to bring you more resin kits and value.
Built model not for sale, only for example what finished model would look like.
This kit will require clean up - sanding, washing, filling.