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1/24 Porsche 956 resin BBS WHEELS SET OF 4 for Tamiya kits IMSA Le mans sportscar parts

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About these Wheels:

Rear wheel outside diameter - 17.71mm
Rear wheel inside diameter - 16.31mm
Rear wheel width - 15.93mm

Front wheel outside diameter - 17.88mm
Front wheel inside diameter - 16.27mm
Front wheel width - 12.52mm

This kit will require clean up - sanding, washing, filling.

Where to find decals for this kit:
Indycals, has a decal sheets for the Porsche 956 bellow
1983 Kenwood Porsche 956
1984 Swatch Brun Porsche 956
1985 Barclay Porsche 956
Purchased here under the optional Decal pull-down menu on this page. Decal sheet will be fulfilled by Indycals and will be shipped separately by Indycals

Built model NOT for sale, this is for example ONLY to show how the resin wheels looks like on a 1/24 Tamiya Porsche 956

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